Who may apply?

All artists who live in Norway, as well as Norwegian artists who live abroad, are welcome to apply. Applicants are not required to be formally trained artists or members of an artist association. Groups can also apply, in that case through a representative. The exhibition shall primarily display works produced during the previous two years. It is desired that the works have not been acquired by public institutions. Art students may apply with works that have previously been shown at graduation exhibitions.
In case an artist is deceased, heirs can apply for participation the first year after the artist’s death. Each applicant can apply with up to three works.

Note that the first round of jurying will be carried out at the Norwegian Association of Art Societies (at Grubbegata 14, Oslo). Please do not send applications or other material to Kunstnernes Hus during this period.




Application deadline was March 20.

Thanks to everyone who applied!

The National Jury 2016/2017


The Autumn Exhibition is organized by the The Assosiation of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK).

The principal task of the National Jury is the assessment of works for the National Annual Autumn Exhibition.
The National Jury has artistic responsibility for the exhibition.

The jury is elected for two years by a ballot of the members of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association. Its approach is interdisciplinary.
The National Jury is not required to justify its artistic decisions, which are final.
The jury assesses submissions in two rounds. The first assessment is conducted on the basis 
of digital documentation. The second assessment is conducted on the basis of the actual, physical works.


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